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Find your style: Tips & tricks to help you start your home styling journey

By: Nicole Harris

Finding your home style can be challenging. Here are some quick tips to get you started.

Decorating (or redecorating) your home when you don't know where to start. Finding your home style is a great starting point for novice designers and home stylists. Once you determine your style, you can start to narrow in on what belongs in your space and what might not fit.

1. Look around at what you already have.

Take a mental inventory of your favorite pieces within your space. Chances are, you already gravitate toward a few home styles and naturally incorporate them into your space. If you don't feel particularly attached to anything in your space, it might be best to consider what about the furniture and decor you do have you don't like. Maybe it is the wrong color palette. Maybe it is the wrong shape. Or maybe, it is too modern or not modern enough.

Once you start to consider what you already have, you might start to see patterns. Maybe your style incorporates a little bit of everything (eclectic) but sticks to one solid color palette. Maybe you just need to add some larger, anchoring pieces to bring your space together. As you start to look outside your space for inspiration, keep your mental inventory in mind. Look for similar items in other decorated spaces that you like. See how others might style the same decor or furniture item.

2. Find a home style quiz.

While no home style quiz will have all the answers for you, these quizzes can oftentimes be a wonderful place to start. Don't stop at one, take many and see which resonates with you. No quiz will have every possible home style as a result, so, as a good rule of thumb, pay attention to how much you are attracted to the images of rooms while you take the quiz. If none of them are really want you'd like in your home, that may be a sign that that particular quiz is not a good fit for you.

3. Search the web, or more specifically, Pinterest.

There are many ways you can begin to research styling ideas, but one of your biggest resources is going to be sites like Pinterest that compile thousands of real homes shared by other users. You can easily create an account and 'pin' ideas that you are drawn to, giving you a large selection of spaces you like all in one place. Sometimes seeing them altogether can be inspiring and help you visualize what home style you are.

Pinterest can also help you discover new ways to use items that you already own by giving you the opportunity to see how others have used those same items. You don't have to copy everything you see, but this resource gives you the chance to if you feel unconfident in your design choices.

You can also surf the web for different design guides showcasing recent popular styles within design to educate yourself on the names of styles and what they all entail. I would recommend not spending too much time dwelling on the particulars of what style each piece you like is, but rather get a general idea of what is out there.

4. Find pieces that you would like to incorporate into your space.

This is the fun part. You get to go shopping! Look online, in-stores, and/or on social media for home decor and furniture that pulls you in. Take or save pictures of each item and create a vision board to work from. Whether or not you purchase everything on your vision board, you now have a compact representation of your style!

Not every piece you select may be right for your home, but chances are, you could incorporate a lot of the pieces you selected easily. Consider whether or not you are sticking to a single color palette or style with your choices. Find similarities between them. For instance, maybe you chose a lot of furniture pieces in various greens. Maybe knowing this, you want to incorporate more earthy decor choices, like stone, brass, plants, etc. Adding texture to a monotone color palette can help you create balance in your space.

As you continue looking to see what is out there, you will start to notice patterns and start being able to make choices that fit within your specific home style.

5. Don't be afraid to mix styles.

Most people (designers included) don't stick to just one design style. In fact, most gravitate toward 2-4 styles. So, how do you mix them without feeling too eclectic? Be conscious about your color scheme, the textures of each piece, and how each piece will tie into the space.

You want to be mindful of scale when you choose from different styles. Above all else, you want what you put inside your home to be the right size for the space. You can also use shape to tie in different styles.

As you start to mix styles, distribute them evenly and with intention, and you should end up with a beautiful home.

Don’t forget to enjoy yourself!

Discovering your home style shouldn't feel like a hassle. Have fun, experiment with different looks, and take your time. Your style will naturally change over time and you shouldn't be afraid to love things you might've turned away from years ago.


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