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  • Meet Ebbie Shellans, The Bohemian's fused glass artist

    What it takes to make fused glass art, how Ebbie got started in glass and the tips & tricks she's learned over the years. Read along to see how Ebbie makes her Christmas plug-in night light. Don't forget to join us November 17 at our valley location for a Christmas ornament class taught by Ebbie. Space is limited, so get your tickets now! When Ebbie Shellans started at The Bohemian in 2020, she wasn't sure she had what it takes to succeed as a fused glass artist. Since then, she's continued to grow in her craft, creating everything from framed glass hearts to vehicle scene panels. Now, she's even teaching classes. To make her pieces, Ebbie uses a special combination of glass types, often experimenting in her home studio to create new designs. She likes to use every last scrap of glass, which often leads her to create unique designs like her Christmas plug-in night lights. Each finished piece is one of a kind, inspired by the scrap glass pieces she has in front of her. What is glass fusing? Glass fusing is the process of bonding compatible pieces of glass using a heat source like a kiln. The glass pieces are often differing colors and shapes, creating a dynamic art piece. Unlike the better-known glass blowing, glass fusing does not require industrial-based equipment and can be done in a studio. Also, unlike other glass artforms, the artist can take their time designing, as the glass is worked on cold and only heated to bond the finished piece together. Fused glass can be used to create anything from platters, bowls, jewelry, paperweights, magnets, and other artistic creations. Christmas Plug-in Night Light In preparation for our new Holiday line, Ebbie walks Boho Babe through how she makes these one-of-a-kind Christmas night lights. Ebbie starts by cleaning each piece of glass that she plans to work with. This helps her remove any oils or fingerprints, which cause the glass to lose its shine once fired. She uses a towel and a special glass cleaner made of vinegar, distilled water and alcohol. This mix doesn't leave any residue that might appear on the finished piece. Ebbie uses a large navy piece as her backdrop. She adds a circular piece of silver foil to act as her moon, using a glue to anchor it in place. She will later cover her moon in glass to protect the foil from completely melting and add some additional glitter. Once her moon is placed, she can begin planning out the rest of her winter scene, beginning with the snow. The snow covering the bottom section of the night light is made from a "raw edge"--the naturally uneven outer edge of a full glass sheet. Each glass sheet is handmade from the manufacturer, so every single one of them has a slightly different raw edge. In making her snow, she incorporates this unique part of the glass sheet, using its shape to base the rest of her design off of the way the white flows on the background. Once she picks a raw edge piece, she cuts it to size using a glass cutter. She swipes the glass cutter across the piece, fracturing the glass in a straight line, and then uses plyers to snap the glass along the line she just created. Most of her cuts are eyeballed according to the size of the background piece she chose. Before she glues each piece down, she cleans them again with the same glass cleaner. For the trees, Ebbie uses scrap pieces of green. She mimics nature in this design, including three trees as, "nature loves threes." She places one smaller tree on top of two larger trees, trying new combinations of scrap pieces until she finds a placement that she likes. She then cuts a small piece of green to fill the crevice between the two larger trees that will back the smaller one. Without this, her smaller tree will droop into the background as it softens in the kiln. This extra piece ensures the tree will retain it's triangular "tree" shape. This step is often the most time consuming for Ebbie, as she has to find a piece that won't disrupt the design but will still offer some stability. Ebbie finishes each tree by cutting down and adding small brown rectangles for stumps, again adding an extra piece to back the middle tree. She glues each glass piece down after cleaning them. To finish each Christmas night light, she adds fine iridescent clear frit over her moon to hold the foil down. The final color of the foil will vary based on its exposure to air within the kiln. She adds more glue to the foil to catch the frit, and then scoops an ample amount onto the foil moon. For her final touch, Ebbie squirts glue over the top of the entire scene and sprinkles on a courser iridescent frit to act as falling snow. Each piece is then fired in her studio kiln at 1375 to fuse the glass pieces together and finish the look. Add a touch of Christmas to your space Find these Christmas plug-in night lights at both locations soon! Great for a bathroom or kid's room, these plug-ins add a fun touch of Christmas to any small space that might otherwise be difficult to transition into holiday decor. Join us next month for an ornament class taught by expert Ebbie Shellans. Snacks and supplies are included in the ticket price. Spots are limited, so get your tickets soon.

  • Be a better plant person

    By Boho Babe Be a better plant person: How to start your own mini jungle using indoor plants that are easy to care for. Pro tip: Using greenery within your home creates a sense of peace and warmth. Alicia Thibault has been selling plants through The Bohemian since becoming interested in them herself only a few years ago. Now, her bright A-Frame home is filled with various forms of greenery, several of which she has grown from cuttings. In the summer months, Alicia says her indoor plants are often ignored in favor of her outdoor flower beds and garden. As she says, one of the most grounding things a person could do is play with dirt. Read along to learn Alicia's top tips for starting an indoor jungle--and keeping it alive! What plant should I start with? Start with a snake plant! Snake plants are super easy to care for, they're trendy, and easy to decorate with. Larger snake plants are great for sticking next to a dresser on the floor, and smaller can easily fit on a desk or tabletop. Snake plants, also known as Sansevieria, don't require anything special--no fancy fertilizer or specific type of pot. They can do well in in-direct sunlight and low-light settings. They can tolerate dry air and forgetful waterers. Bonus: If you are looking for a flashy plant to impress your guests, the snake plant comes in a multitude of varieties, with new varieties entering the market yearly. To care for your snake plant: plant in a well-draining pot (as a general rule, don't go up more than 2" in diameter from the nursery pot you purchase the plant in) use well-draining soil water when the soil feels dry find it a pretty home within your space! Snake plants thrive in shade to partial sun, but can boost in growth when given direct sunlight for a couple hours at a time. These plants are drought-resistant, but can be susceptible to overwatering and root rot. If you plant starts to develop brown spots, this could be due to either too much direct sunlight or inconsistent watering. If this happens to you, simply relocate your plant and set reminders to water it on a more consistent basis. For most homes, this looks like watering once every two weeks or so. In the winter months, be sure to keep your plant in warmer areas, as it needs room temperatures above 50 degrees Fahrenheit. In these months, a typical snake plant can even go up to two months between waterings. Snake plants are truly the low effort, hardy indoor plant you want to start with. If you don't love the sword shape of the snape plant, try a pothos! Pothos can be fun because of their gorgeous trailing vines. Like snake plants, they come in all sorts of colors and variations, so there is sure to be one for you! Pothos, or Epipremnum aureum, are great to add to bookcases, shelves, and even the tops of china cabinets (as pictured below). Adding a trailing plant to your decor can breathe life into a something that is filled with heavy, angular items. It's a great way to add texture and movement to a space. To care for your pothos: plant in a well-draining pot use well-draining soil (pro tip: add perlite or lava rocks to increase aeration) place in bright, in-direct sunlight (though pothos can also survive in spots with less light, this is what they prefer) water every one to two weeks, or when soil feels dry Pothos are almost as hardy as snake plants. Their trailing vines are often what draw beginner plant owners to them. They can be left to trail as they wish, or aided in growing vertically using a coco coir pole. Common issues with pothos include overwatering and underwatering. If you've overwatered, the leaves will yellow and stems will blacken. If you underwater, the plant will wilt and the soil will dry out. Try to keep your pothos out of direct, bright sunlight, as the leaves will burn. What supplies do I need? While it might be tempting to run to the store and buy the prettiest planter you can find, not having proper drainage is often what causes plants to die. Find pots with drainage holes in the center of the bottom to mitigate this. It allows the excess water to drain from the pot so the plant doesn't sit in still water and develop root rot. Tip: If you must have that one planter without a drainage hole, just keep your plant in a plastic nursery pot! These are available at most nurseries and can easily tuck into that beautiful pot you've purchased without harming the plant. A little Google search can go a long way in choosing the right plants for you and your space! Spend a little time researching plants before you run to the plant store and stock up. It will make your plant journey a lot less frustrating from the get-go. Don’t forget to enjoy yourself! If you are just getting started, or willing to try your hand at plant care yet again, don't forget to research specific care guides for the plants you are buying. There are all sorts of plants out there, all you have to do is find ones that fit your lifestyle! If you live in an area that doesn't get a lot of sunlight, get a fern. If you live in a dry air area, get a spider plant. Find what works for you and run with it. Happy planting!

  • Meet Danielle (Dani)

    The Bohemian Owner + Momtrepreneur by Boho Babe Everyone wants to know what Danielle Golay’s, owner of The Bohemian, home looks like. She imagines customers assume her home is a “livable Pinterest board,” but like most of us, she’s self-conscious about the way her space looks. If you ask her about opening The Bohemian four years ago, she'll be the first to tell you how far she's come in terms of style and business savvy. Now known for its 50+ local artists spaced out over two locations, The Bohemian began in a 800 square foot room with only a handful of other local artisans in 2018. A business she started with her "daughter on [her] hip." Below, Danielle answers questions about opening The Bohemian, what she loves about the store, and her hopes for the future. *The following interview transcript has been edited for length and clarity. What made you start the store here in Spokane Valley? Danielle: Riley and I purchased our first home a couple blocks down the road from this main location on Sprague. When we first started, we were actually vendors at another location and got such a following that when this, where we're sitting right now, opened up, we decided to take the chance to start our own business. Before, I was working for a home flipping company as the project manager. That position had a lot of design elements in it, but it was taking up way too much of my time. When we found out that we were pregnant with our daughter Colie—it was hard enough getting pregnant—I didn't want to miss anything with her. I didn't want to miss her first steps. So, we were trying to think of something where I could still help provide for the family but spend a lot of my time with my daughter. So, I quit what was familiar and my daughters been at my side every step of the way. What did those early days of The Bohemian look like? When we opened up this section, we actually had a little nursery, and she(my daughter) came to work with me every single day. I'm sure some of the customers that first came in remember her screaming while they were shopping. It was so small business. But that's what made it so special. She got to be in the shop with me until she turned about two. Until then, I got to spend every moment with her. And that was amazing. And I hope someday, she'll remember that. She still comes to the store and loves to help out. She's our best shopper. So, that's how it started. And the community honestly has just been so good to us. The more that we grew, so did our following. What was your biggest challenge in starting the business? Confidence. Having confidence in what you do and putting yourself out there for the public to judge is terrifying. But slowly, we gained it. Before The Bohemian, growing up, I was the shy kid. That could also be misconstrued as, I don't want to say, but the mean kid. Really, I just didn't know how to communicate with people. And so, I just kept to myself because I was so terrified of what others would think of me and whatever was going to come out of my mouth. When we opened up the shop it took a long time for me to be comfortable just having a normal conversation with somebody, or saying “Hey, welcome to The Bohemian.” I would test myself every day. I’ve definitely gotten better. The store has pushed me out of my comfort zone and now I'm a total people person. You would never have guessed that I was SO PAINFULLY shy before. (Staging Now vs. Before) How would you describe your company's culture? Positive, happy. I'm a very happy person and I try and surround myself with like people. I feel it's really infectious when you are that way, and that is when the most work can be done and the best work. What makes The Bohemian unique? There are a lot of places that will try and duplicate what we have going on here. But what truly makes us unique is the people within the walls. You cannot replicate our employees; you cannot replicate our artists. I truly feel like The Bohemian is an experience not just a product. And I'd say that and constant hard work is what sets us apart from a lot of places. What's your favorite aspect of The Bohemian? That's a tough one. There's two that immediately pop into my head. I really love the people. I get to see you every day. I get excited to go to work. I am also really passionate about the artist part—the creating every day. Whether I’m setting up vignettes around the store or I'm in the warehouse painting, that is my Zen zone, my outlet from the world. Were you always interested in home decorating? I dabbled in it in college. I took a couple of interior design classes. I wasn't good at it. But I took them and that's where my passion kind of sparked and went from there. If you compare The Bohemian in the beginning to now, it is night and day difference. It's fun because you can really see our business evolve. It just goes to show, keep at it, and don't give up on your dream because you will eventually learn and evolve into something that the masses will like and appreciate. (Pictures throughout the years at The Bohemian) What keeps you up at night? Besides kicks to the face for my children? I never stop dreaming. People think I'm crazy with some of the ideas that I have or my goals. But when you find what you're truly passionate about, it's just a constant churn. You never stop thinking of what's next, what area can be better, how can I do this? So, it's all the big ideas that we haven't touched yet. Are you a sentimental person? Yes and no. I'm a creature of change. I thrive on change. Oh, I just love it! There are a few pieces that I've received from my mom or my dad or my grandparents that I cherish, and those will never leave, but I change my house out constantly. We've had four dining room tables in one year. My husband wasn't happy about it, but I was thrilled! They say you should never hire family members, but you work with several. What is that like? I don't think that's true. When you're all working towards the same goal, you share the same passions. Those are my best days—the days when my family is in the store. My mom's selling gems and my sister's in here redecorating. I feel like it has brought us so close. My family is my everything and I would do absolutely anything and everything for them. So, I love working with my family. Don't get me wrong, there have been times when we disagreed on something, but I wouldn't change it for the world. I get to see my nieces and nephews trickle in here. I get to bring my kids in here. You know, who doesn't want to see their mom every day? That's pretty awesome. Over the years, you’ve expanded your valley location multiple times. What was the story of the expansions? Honestly, it was God's time. I'm a firm believer that when God opens up a door you take those chances no matter how terrifying they may be, and that was definitely the case. It was about every six months that we did an expansion. There used to be multiple businesses within this building and the timing of each one leaving was how we were able to expand. I can't even put into words how or why it happened. But it did and the timing just seemed right. It was always at that point, about every 6 months where we said to ourselves, “we've got to do something else, we’ve got to go bigger.” Would you ever consider moving your valley location to a bigger storefront? If you've ever been to both stores, there's obviously a clear difference between the layout, the feel and the vibe. I think what makes the valley so unique is the character. This building is not the greatest building, but I am so attached to it because it tells a story. It tells the story of The Bohemian. You can tell each section—each expansion—by the flooring as you walk throughout the store. And each expansion was a pivotal point in our business and our personal life. So, could it be set up in a bigger, more open location and look stellar? Yes, absolutely. But I'm pretty tied to this location.

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    Contact Get in touch. Email for any questions or inquiries. ​ Any questions about your order please contact with your order number and first and last name. ​ If you message us over the weekend we will get back to you the following Monday. Please allow up to 48 hours for a response. The Bohemian Spokane Valley 12019 E Sprague Ave The Bohemian North 7503 N Division

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