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A Red Heads Touch

A Redhead’s Touch joined The Bohemian in March of 2022. It is owned and operated by Trevor Waggoner, a young teen artist. He was born and raised in Spokane Valley and loves all the local support from the community.

Trevor has been creative his whole life. He decided to take his business to the next level and started to sell at craft shows in 2018 when he was 14 years old. Exploring different mediums like acrylic paint, watercolor, and even digital art, he found his passion through resin. Using his love for the beach and the PNW, he creates one-of-a-kind designs. He also enjoys drawing digital art to make stickers and prints.

His work can be found in many stores throughout Spokane, and at many craft shows where he loves to connect with others.

When he is not creating, you can find Trevor attending high school and working at his part time job. He has a passion for architecture and plans to attend a university after he graduates to get an architecture degree.

Trevor is excited and honored to be a part of The Bohemian family and is looking forward to connecting with you all!

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AG Swag

Ag Swag is owned and operated by Julie Jacobsen. A 509 native Julie lives on a working cattle ranch with her husband of 25 years and their youngest son in Harrington, WA. Ag Swag was born out of a desire to bridge the gap from producer to consumer with designs that create organic conversations about Agriculture. What started as a side hustle 3 years ago has turned into a full time job as she fulfills orders from her website and writes about ranching and rural living in Eastern Washington.

When not creating fresh Swag you can find Julie experimenting with recipes for her catering company Hazels Dozen and dreaming up road trip destinations with friends and family. A good road trip to a
hidden gem is hard to beat in her book.

Julie absolutely loves The Bohemian and is thrilled to be a part of the energy and vibe check that makes this space special.

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Allgood Artistry

Being a mom is something I’ve looked forward to my whole life. So, when my son was born, staying
home and cherishing each moment with him, was of the utmost importance to me. However, I still had a deep desire to channel my creative energy.

As an avid crafter since I was a little girl, creating custom gifts for our family reunions, and DIYing party decorations for every occasion, it seemed like a no brainer to take my passion for making and turn it into my dream job. That’s when Allgood Artistry was born.

I started out by taking orders from friends and family for custom wood and canvas signs, party decorations, drinkware, you name it. I’ve since honed my craft and turned my focus towards making aesthetic glassware, shirts, and a few other items that I feel moms will especially connect with.

Three years, and a baby girl later, we have grown a small business that I’m really proud of. I’m so excited to start this new journey at The Bohemian and look forward to sharing my love for motherhood, coffee, and all good vibes with you!

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B Simply Clean

B Simply Clean stands for many values, the biggest one being, natural and safe cleaning. The creation of B Simply Clean came to life when I decided to get rid of all nasty chemicals in my household. I started my research on holistic ways to effectively clean, I knew what I was looking for was not out on the market yet, so I decided to create it myself. I created products using only natural ingredients to safely clean my house. I loved what I created and wanted to share it with as many people as possible, leading to the creation of B Simply Clean. Along with toxin-free products, I wanted to be as aware of the packaging I was using as I was being aware of the ingredients I use. All the packaging I use is Eco-Friendly, from the glass bottles, to the 98% landfill-biodegradable refill packaging. The products from B Simply Clean will not only get rid of the chemicals in your homes for yourself, but also your pets! Allow B Simply Clean to help you in your transition to a toxin-free environment for yourself, your family, guests and of course, the overly loved pets! 

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Caili Hartman

Caili Hartman is a landscape, commercial and portrait photographer, born and raised in Spokane, WA.
She first started photography when her children were young, to document their childhood. What started as a hobby soon became a passion for capturing beauty wherever she could find it.

As a local, she is fortunate for her roots, growing up with parents that instilled a deep appreciation for nature and our beautiful four seasons. Her work consists mainly of scenic photography that seeks to illuminate the many special places that make up the Pacific Northwest. She also hopes to inspire others to reconnect with nature and enjoy the many benefits of the outdoors, as well as partake in efforts to conserve and protect wild places for future generations.

She is the proud mother of 2 teen daughters, Sailar and Laena and 1 dog daughter, Teiko. As her children grow older, she is taking on more travel opportunities, and is very excited to grow and share this journey with others.

Caili is extremely grateful to be a part of the Bohemian family and looks forward to connecting with many of you! To follow along, connect with her on Instagram & Facebook.

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Carol Reynolds

Hi! My name is Carol Reynolds. Caroline in my “art world”! I am a love watercolor painting and use it as my way of sharing my love of the outdoors and nature that surround us here in Eastern Washington. I hope that when you see my artwork it makes you want to get out, explore, share and protect all living
things. Bees, birds, trees and the list goes on and on!

    Casting Glass Stones

    I have created as long as I can remember…. needlepoint, dolls clothes, knitting, bookmaking, mixed media…. you name it, I have likely tried it. So when a friend asked me about taking a fused glass class, it was a no brainer. Little did I know however, that this new medium would be my ultimate passion.

    Now I have a studio filled with a large variety of types and colors of glass. Sheets, cane, frit, powders and Murrini to name a few. I started my business making jewelry and quickly moved on to Christmas ornaments, framed art, and functional art, such as plates, bowls, stir sticks, and wine stoppers.

    I am always trying new techniques to push my learning and creative skills. Keep an eye out here for my new glass endeavors. Consider following me on my social media to keep up with what is happening in the studio and kilns. If you see something you like, let The Bohemian know so that I can create for you.

      Clint Whitsett

      Clint Whitsett (Whitsett Works LLC) was a corporate graphic designer, illustrator, and marketing manager in Spokane for 30 years before becoming a full-time artist.

      In early 2020, the pandemic hit, and Clint lost his job in marketing. He wasn’t ready to retire so he set to work becoming the full-time artist he’s always wanted to be.

      His work tends to be loose and relaxed with some areas of hard contrast and greater detail. What's pleasing to the eye isn't always an exact reflection of reality, so you'll see him pushing colors for greater intensity and adjusting the size or placement of elements for balance and depth.

      Clint frequently works from his own photos or those provided by a client. Most often he paints based on something his wife has suggested. Watercolor paintings can be pale or muddy if the artist isn’t confident in using the medium. Clint will frequently redo whole paintings if he’s not happy with it. “It’s better to start over than to try and save it”, Clint says. This can take days, but everything is a learning experience, so he never considers it to be a waste of time.

      Watch for new prints to be added all the time as Clint typically completes up to 30 paintings per year.
      Check out his greeting card rack for even more of his work.

        Dabble Décor

        Alicia and Kiel are a husband and wife team that enjoy hunting for and refinishing furniture with a unique flair. They enjoy curating one-of-a-kind pieces and home décor to customize your space. This includes an array of locally grown plants to add a little (or a lot) of green to your home. Alicia is the "plant lady" in our shop so if you have questions, she is your go to. She's also pretty darn good at interior design!

        ​Alicia and Kiel have three active children, ages 9, 7 & 5. If they are not enjoying the great outdoors they are attending their children's many sporting events. Family is their top priority.

        Speaking of family, Alicia is my (Danielle's) sister. When we say we are a family business, we are not kidding. Alicia is my co-conspirator in many ways at The Bohemian, including choosing some of the products at the shop and well, just being an amazing sounding board and friend.

        Note: I do have two other sisters that are also 100% supportive of The Bohemian adventures. They provide sage advice and input and were part of our first-ever trip to the Las Vegas Market where we discovered a whole new world of products for our customers. Jaime Majure sells Bath and Body products by Hensley Asher at the shop and Nicole McAllister provides solid financial advice from her career experience as a Controller. LOVE MY SEESTERS!

          Danielle Morgan

          Danielle believes that home decor and art are subtle reflections of ourselves. Her goal is to bring you and your guests inspiration, joy, and happiness.

          The pieces that Danielle creates are handmade and generally take hours to multiple days to finish. Most of the designs that she has created are original and one of a kind.

          As a full time wife and mother of 2 boys (5 & 7) Danielle is a busy woman. Macrame has given her an amazing opportunity to do something she loves, while also being available for her family.

          “I hope you enjoy this piece as much as I enjoyed creating it”

          - Danielle Morgan

            Darrell Cole

            If you looked up “Jack-of-All-Trades” in the dictionary, you just may see a photograph of Darrell Cole.
            However, unlike the true definition that suggests doing “passable” work, Darrell is a master at his current craft and has enjoyed three successful careers in his lifetime.

            ​“I have been doing woodworking the last five years or so since my retirement from ministering as a pastor,” explains Darrell. “My projects include cutting boards, pens, bowls, coasters, vases, etc. made of wood. I also do engravings in wood using my custom made CNC machine and laser machine.”

            When he is not creating hardwood pens from specialty woods from other countries, or creating beautiful cutting boards made from maple, hickory, black walnut or oak, he may be visiting with his family or enjoying time with his wife Marilyn.

              DHO Creations

              The Parrish family creates handmade soy wax candles and melts, custom built furniture, custom paint jobs, furniture restoration/flipping, and vintage finds.

              They got their start: In 2018 when Dalynn hurt her back and had to have a fusion. While she was out from work, she needed a focus, something to help her heal and keep her going. She always wanted to make candles, so she started researching and studying up on how to create safe burning candles. It was
              her way of forgetting about all the pain by losing herself in creating smells that would bring forth good memories the minute you smell them.

              As this hobby grew, she wanted an avenue where she could share them with the public everyday hence why they became part of the boho family. As her husband created displays for her, she asked him to join her in this endeavor and let his talent shine too, cause as you can see he can create some beautiful pieces of furniture!!

              Their products and furniture are a labor of love, she loves creating amazing smells with her candles and Curtis loves to build beautiful furniture pieces and together they love bringing old pieces back to life. As their son Kannon watches us, he has taken on a love for creating and fixing things too. He now helps her create candles and is always there by his dad's side learning about furniture. The perfect trio!! Nothing is more satisfying to them, than saving a piece that has many years of life left. They do all types and eras of pieces with a broad range of paint colors and can customize anything!


                October of 2017 was our first year when our journey began when Nik created the first collection of up-cycled crystal jewelry from local thrift stores. We both were amazed at the results of his creativity, adding crystals to once used pieces and giving them new life was an amazing start to the ground floor of building our business. This process has evolved into our brand we call ESCNW, Evergreen State of Conscious! We have evolved now into our own lines of crystal jewelry, artwork and clothing! Nik is the mastermind behind the curtains and Riley is the sales lady you will see at events and stopping by to check on our displays. We have our two boys hunter and Hudson, our cat kunda and our newest addition to the family our dog moondust.

                Each of our items we create with the intention to spread love and light into our community. All of our designs also carry a deeper meaning, weather it be the crystals properties, or the designs we use on our shirts and art each one carries a positive vibrational meaning! Our sacred Washington design (filled with the flower of life) means to keep our state sacred weather you take that as your state of being or state of environment and for every item that has this design on there we give a portion of proceeds to a local nonprofit called the lands council.

                Our passion for the environment and our community really has sparked our journey and continues to push us to be better and do better, “to be the change you wish to see in the world” -Gandhi

                  Farmhouse Fix-Up

                  Farmhouse Fixup joined The Bohemian in March of 2021. It is owned and operated by Tammy Allen, a Spokane native. She was born and raised in Spokane Valley and loves the local community.

                  Tammy has been refinishing furniture for almost 10 years, mainly for family and friends. With the encouragement of The Bohemian, she is taking her business to the next level. 

                  When not painting, you will find her spending time with her husband of 23 years, Eric, and her two kids, a son and daughter. Fun fact, Eric and Tammy are well-know west coast swing dancers in the area.

                  Tammy says she is both honored and excited to be a part of the Bohemian family and is looking forward to meeting many of you along the way.

                    Flourish Botanicals 

                    It was in 2018 when Liz, owner of Flourish Botanicals, felt a burden for environmental conservation and began reducing plastic use in her daily life. In 2019 she studied the traditional craft of soapmaking and opened Flourish Botanicals to offer the community an eco-friendly one-stop-shop for all bath needs. She wants to create products that bring luxury into your self care ritual, bringing peaceful moments into your life. One of her greatest passions is cultivating beauty all around her - even in something as simple as a bar of soap.


                    Flourish products are thoughtfully handmade in small batches with moisturizing plant oils, plant butters, clays, herbal infusions, salts, and dried botanicals. Liz uses the traditional cold process method to make true artisanal soap and shampoo bars with the highest quality ingredients.



                    Flourish is deeply rooted in the intention that earth-friendly and luxury products are the perfect combination. Flourish Botanicals is dedicated to caring for our planet, offering 100% plastic free packaging and all vegan products that are natural, high quality, and skin-nourishing.


                    When she's not making luxury bath items, Liz works as an ESL teacher with international students and the refugee community. She is also a mom to two incredible girls. If she has free time, she spends her time hiking around Spokane, playing video games, and dancing Bachata, Salsa, and Kizomba.

                      Goldfinch Lettering

                      Born and raised in Spokane, Mary Peters is an illustrator and lettering artist. Goldfinch Lettering came to be when Mary was working as a teacher out of state and wanted to create art, with a nod to Washington. Since moving back to Spokane in 2021, she has been inspired by her hometown and the local art community, and Goldfinch Lettering has grown more than she ever expected. Beyond making art, Mary loves trail running at Riverside State Park, and spending time around town with her boys and friends.

                        Handmade Wind Chimes

                        Hello. Allow me to introduce myself. Mike Bischoff is my name. Here’s a little bit about me.

                        I was born in Odessa, Washington, and grew up in the Spokane area on a small farm where we grew just about everything. My Dad had a custom cutting meat business where I learned the basics of meat cutting, something that laid the foundation for becoming a professional meat cutter that would last 42 years before retiring. I have been retired for 4 years now, and currently am working on “Hand Made Windchimes”, a business that I started this last June. I have been making these hand- crafted chimes for about 7 years now as a hobby, and for the heck of it, decided to get my business license and see what I could do. It also helps keep the boredom of being retired away!


                        My wife and I live in Colville, Washington, and I create these chimes in a small shop in our house. I love making them and enjoy listening to the sound of one right after it’s done. If you let them…. they will speak to your soul. So…. I’m on a mission to fill the world with windchimes and make the world a better place!

                        Living in Northeast Washington, I enjoy a lot of things that have to do with being outside, hunting, fishing, hiking, riding my quad, boating, kayaking, camping and campfires. My wife and I are parents to two great kids and their spouses, along with being grandparents to 5 awesome grand kids. What could be better?

                        Hope that gives you a little insight to who I am, and where I’m going.

                          Heaven Scent

                          Heaven Scent Candles WA, aka, Candle Goddess, became part of the Bohemian family in the Spring of 2019. It is owned and operated by Lisa and rob Ryder in the small town of Millwood, Washington.

                          Lisa and Rob started their adventure of candle making in 2005, for some extra income, to allow for one parent to stay home and raise their 2 boys. This adventure soon became their passion and continues today. They have become well known for bringing a smile to many faces with their sense of humor, which reflects in their fun candle titles.

                          When Lisa and Rob are not at their day jobs come at candle shows or in their shop cooking up new fragrances, they enjoy spending quality time with their family, camping with friends, and just taking time to enjoy life.

                            Humble Bee Apothecary

                            My name is Abby Henning, I am a gardener, seamstress, artist, herbalist and beekeeper. I have an acre farm in Dalton Gardens. I homegrow all the herbs and flower ingredients that I use, infuse, blend and incorporate into each and every product I create. I homecraft all of my items by hand. My Lavender field provides 100% of the buds for my Lavender pillows that I hand sew. With 6 different size and shaped Lavender pillows, heating and cooling pillows, I have created a very unique niche for myself, with customers all over the country. My other apothecary products include, but are not limited to hand blended teas, cocktail infusion kits, bath salts and fizzies, salves, body oils, soaps, beard oils, bath milks, face steamers.... and more! I also re-imagine flannel shirts and have a variety of hand made crochet items. All my packaging is recycled paper and glass jars. And all my fabrics are 100% cotton. I am excited and proud to introduce my small business to the world, I hope you enjoy my products as much as I enjoyed making them.

                              Jamie Dawson

                              Jamie's Eclectic Cottage is joining the Bohemian family in their North Spokane location. Jamie with the help of her husband Dan work together on most of the projects.
                              Jamie has recycled all of her life so it only makes sense that she has a huge interest in salvaging and repurposing furniture and home goods. She loves knowing that these vintage and thrifted finds are having a second life in people's homes.
                              Together Jamie and Daniel have nine children, six grandchildren and two cats.
                              They love to garden, practice yoga and spend time outdoors when not working on projects.
                              Jamie's goal is to work on her projects full time as she gets so much peace and contentment with this.
                              She is super excited to be featured at The Bohemian.

                                Jema Lane

                                Jema Lane Boutique is new to the Boho Family, but not new to Spokane.

                                The brick & mortar location opened its doors on July 8, 2010. Jema is family owned and operated. The name is derived from the owner's 4 daughters, Janae, Erin, Megan and Ashley. Jani also has 3 sons, for a total of 7 children. She is also blessed to have 11 Grand Babies! Jani and her daughter Janae run the boutique as well as over see the "Little Jema"  Boho locations.

                                Their love for fashion is evident in the amazing style reflected in the "Little Jema" section. The goal of Jema Lane has always been to help women of all sizes and shapes feel comfortable shopping with them and leave feeling better than when they walked through the door. They carry sizes XS - 3 XL! You can also shop with them at their main location 323 S. Pines Rd. Spokane Valley, WA 99206 and online at


                                  As a child, Jenny's favorite thing to do was art of any kind. She loved pottery class, mixed media, painting, pen, pencil and charcoal. For every birthday and Christmas she would ask for art materials.
                                  Then she grew up . . . but never lost her passion for art. She taught for almost fourteen years. She graduated from Eastern Washington University with a reading major and a math minor. She wanted to major in art but was afraid it would be hard to find a job with an art major. While teaching, she happened to walk into The Bohemian. She was taken aback and all the things she left behind flooded back to her. After seeing all the different unique artists, she was truly inspired and realized it was not too late to go back to my first passion, art. She decided to transition from teaching to doing interior design and managing at The Bohemian.

                                  She has also been happily making and selling bracelets at The Bohemian and is so thankful for the second chance! Most of her bracelets are diffuser bracelets so you can add essential oils to the lava beads. She also adds crystal charms to some of them!

                                    Julia Culp

                                    Raised by outdoor enthusiasts Julia grew up with a deep appreciation for our natural environment.

                                    Nature is what inspires and rejuvenates me. By day I am a landscape architect. 18th Avenue Designs is my creative outlet and side hustle. My artwork focuses on minimalist botanical and nature inspired illustrations, converted to temporary tattoos, glassware, art prints, and other handmade goods.

                                      Katie Cox

                                      Katie Cox makes book folding art. She can fold words, numbers and pictures into books.

                                      She was born in Eureka CA. And moved to Spokane about 16 years ago. She has gotten her parents and all 5 siblings to move to Spokane along with most of their in- laws. Katie loves Spokane so much, she wanted everyone to enjoy it here. Katie has been folding book for the last 5 years. She loves she has a hobby to make beautiful art and little extra money.

                                      Katie takes care of her 5 kids and her loving husband Eric. She watches kids during the day to help out other families and most the neighborhood kids hang out at her house. Katie says she is honored to be a part of the Bohemian family.

                                        KDT Calligraphy

                                        Hello, my name is Katie Topov and I am a new artist here at the Bohemian! Growing up I always loved to listen to music and doodle in different fonts little quotes or lyrics I would hear on the radio. I remember being so excited to go to high school because one of the elective classes they offered was a calligraphy course! It took me a few years to realize that people actually liked what I made! In 2018 I decided to
                                        offer my services on Instagram and got so many different unique projects, and just loved every single one of them. I started making signs for parties and gatherings, stickers for many different groups, even custom shirts for events. It is always so much fun to see a clients idea come to life. The creative brainstorms and back and forth to create the perfect piece for each unique client is always so satisfying.

                                        Living in Spokane for many years now it is amazing to see so many local businesses start up and grow, and I am honored to be able to join The Bohemian team.

                                          La Di Da

                                          Karen has been with The Bohemian for several years now. She loves the French country style, perhaps
                                          inspired by her visit to Paris, and that enthusiasm is reflected in her area. Each artist is unique in their
                                          taste and Karen is no exception. Many a fun item has been purchased from her!

                                          Not only does she stamp her own individual flair on the furniture she brings back to life, but her home
                                          décor items are equally unique and wonderful. If someone comes into the shop and is looking for antique/vintage items or anything French, we head them in her direction.

                                            Made & Told

                                            Jackie Goolsbey is a ceramic artist and small business owner based in North Idaho. She holds a BA in Ceramics and Printmaking at Eastern Washington University.

                                            Her work has been exhibited at galleries in Oregon and Washington and is a part of several private collections across the U.S. Her work consists mostly in functional wares but plays a bit with sculpture from time to time.

                                            She believes that the art doesn’t happen until people interact with it. Her pieces are made to create space for conversations to be had and memories to be made. A mug that a stressed out first year college student can come home to and feel belonging, the same mug she held every Sunday afternoon drinking coffee on the porch with her dad. In the chaos and unsettling first semester, that mug that feels like
                                            home. Platters that make a mother laugh thinking about a very burnt turkey four Thanksgiving’s ago. It
                                            probably was the last time she says no to some extra help in the kitchen.

                                            Maybe it’s overromanticizing everyday objects, but maybe they become a part of us. They’re objects for the everyday, making spaces special. Jackie’s work is handmade to tell your story.

                                              Malted Mutt

                                              The Malted Mutt was founded in 2014 and is owned and operated by Katie Wilds. Malted Mutt manufactures craft beer dog treats, made from repurposed spent brewing grains collected from local Spokane breweries. Only human-grade ingredients are used, and all products are handmade, no artificial ingredients or preservatives. Surprise, all the treats are shaped like mustaches!


                                              The Malted Mutt started as something fun for Katie to do with her love for craft beer and her dog, Ziggy. Katie found a way to share the love by collecting repurposed spent brewing grain from a local Spokane brewery she frequented. Katie started experimenting with dog treat recipes using a 2-gallon bucket of spent grain as the inspiration. Before long she created a few treat recipes that Ziggy enjoyed, so she shared the love with some of their dog friends too. Soon she was collaborating with more of her favorite craft breweries. The overwhelmingly positive response from both dogs and owners led to the creation of The Malted Mutt.

                                                My Kinda Happy

                                                My Kinda Happy has been with The Bohemian since 2018. It is owned and operated by Darcy Dahl who grew up on the West side of the mountains, North of Seattle. She and her husband moved to the Spokane area in 2015.

                                                Darcy has been making Natural Bath and Body products since 2017. She had issues with her skin and she realized that she needed products that were cleaner with less chemicals and more natural ingredients.
                                                That was when she began making her own skin care products that are cleaner, healthier and more natural than what she could find in most stores.​

                                                When she is not making bath and body products. You will find her spending time with her husband and working on all the other many crafts she enjoys.

                                                Darcy feels fortunate to have had the support of The Bohemian and their amazing team.

                                                  Sentimental Stones

                                                  Kim finds great joy in being able to create items that people love to buy, not only as gifts, but for themselves as well! Sentimental Stones is her small business that creates handmade, tumbled stone items distinctly decorated to express special sentiments or individual styles of living.

                                                    Simchuks Laser Engraving

                                                    Simchuks Laser Engraving is owned and operated by Jerry Simchuk from Spokane Valley, Washington.
                                                    The laser business came to life with Jerry’s desire to produce custom and personalized products and services for companies and individuals with a personal touch.
                                                    Jerry was trained as an engineer with many years of production experience in a variety of manufacturing facilities, experience running and operating small businesses and a successful nationally/internationally known and respected fine art sculptor. Jerry has an eye for detail and precision work as can be seen with his fine art sculptures which he specializes in realistic bird sculptures in both wood and bronze.

                                                    The laser business has allowed Jerry to combine his engineering, artistic abilities, and business skills together. Always looking to be creative and exploring new and different ideas all the time. The laser business has provided Jerry with a never-ending avenue to explore and create for himself and others.

                                                    Jerry’s uncle, Gary Simchuk who is a retired entrepreneur and war time veteran has been working with Jerry which has given both great joy creating a variety of products.

                                                      Terri Porter

                                                      Jackie Goolsbey is a ceramic artist and small business owner based in North Idaho. She holds a BA in Ceramics and Printmaking at Eastern Washington University.

                                                      Her work has been exhibited at galleries in Oregon and Washington and is a part of several private collections across the U.S. Her work consists mostly in functional wares but plays a bit with sculpture from time to time.

                                                      She believes that the art doesn’t happen until people interact with it. Her pieces are made to create space for conversations to be had and memories to be made. A mug that a stressed out first year college student can come home to and feel belonging, the same mug she held every Sunday afternoon drinking coffee on the porch with her dad. In the chaos and unsettling first semester, that mug that feels like
                                                      home. Platters that make a mother laugh thinking about a very burnt turkey four Thanksgiving’s ago. It
                                                      probably was the last time she says no to some extra help in the kitchen.

                                                      Maybe it’s overromanticizing everyday objects, but maybe they become a part of us. They’re objects for the everyday, making spaces special. Jackie’s work is handmade to tell your story.

                                                        The Busy Bee

                                                        Hi, I am Stevie Wagar, wife and a boy mom to 3. I work full time in therapy and have always been a
                                                        Spokanite. I am the actual Busy Bee, and do my best to live up to that name. My Grandmother was a
                                                        quilter and I fell in love with the art form at a young age. I love the intricacies and the work, the
                                                        precision and the love that you can make into a quilt. I originally would make quilts for friends and
                                                        family, especially for new babies!

                                                        I was running out of friends and people I could use as reasons to make quilts for, so I have ventured out
                                                        and Created The Busy Bee, as an outlet for me to share what I think has been some of my best work yet.
                                                        Each quilt becomes my new favorite until I sew the last stitch on the next one. I hope when you see my
                                                        product you can see the effort and care I put into each one.

                                                        XO- The Busy Bee

                                                          The Eclectic Cottage

                                                          The Eclectic Cottage is new to the Bohemian family. It is owned by Rachel Hedger and her husband John.
                                                          Rachel is a gardening enthusiast, lover of flowers, and thrift store junkie who loves to give a second
                                                          chance at life to other people’s junk. Her furniture painting journey began several years ago with a chalk
                                                          painting class and she has been painting furniture and décor ever since.

                                                          Rachel loves to spend time tending to her perennial gardens at her home at the base of Mt. Spokane
                                                          where she also operates a small flower farm. Her love of plants is carried through to her business as
                                                          well, and she not only sells house plants but also has a nursery at her shop on the north side.

                                                          She and her husband love to take road trips where they are always on the lookout for a thrift store or
                                                          yard sale. They love spending time with their three grown children and their grandbabies, and they are
                                                          very much looking forward to this new leg of their journey and getting to know their new Bohemian

                                                            Wild Earth Organics

                                                            My name is Katie Sukut, I am the creatrix behind the scenes at Wild Earth Organics.

                                                            I was born and raised in the beautiful state of Montana, which gave me a deep love for the outdoors and prospecting for gems and minerals. I grew up surrounded by Native American influence and culture. I have a profound love for handmade adornments, and it brings me so much joy to be able to create one of a kind heirloom accessories. I am deeply inspired by ancient traditions, and I love learning all about the history of this “Wild Earth”.


                                                            I individually design and handcraft every item. From creating the pattern, cutting, stamping, dyeing, and sewing, each step is done by hand. It's a true labor of love, but it allows me to tune into each piece and infuse it with intention. These items carry so much more meaning then other mass-produced accessories, they are truly one of a kind and cannot be reproduced. I hand pick each captivating stone or crystal, and lovingly set them into the leather. The beauty is in the details and the craftsmanship truly speaks for itself. The items I make are made to last a lifetime and continue to look better and better with wear. My bags have their own unique style rooted in Southwestern/Native American influence paired with a bohemian mountain woman vibe. They are designed to be both attractive and functional. In a world of cookie cutters, be bold, be unique and always honor this Wild Earth!

                                                              Vintage King Jewelry

                                                              Carol King has been with The Bohemian from the beginning. She is the "jewelry lady" at the shop. After a
                                                              successful career in marketing and development she started focusing on her new career, owning Vintage
                                                              King jewelry. She is passionate about finding beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces for her customers.

                                                              Vintage King focuses on vintage jewelry but also has newer costume and fine jewelry. Stones and gems
                                                              are her passion so it makes sense she just started carrying crystal and stone towers - from Rose Quartz
                                                              to Bumblebee Jasper. We’ve been told Vintage King is the best jewelry store around and we are proud
                                                              to house it within The Bohemian.

                                                              ​Carol is even more passionate about her family. She has four grown daughters and 10 grandchildren to
                                                              date, and her family is at the center of her world, including me. Again, that family business theme. Carol
                                                              is my (Danielle's) mom. She helps me with marketing, events, and graphics (another passion) for The
                                                              Bohemian. With her partner, Scott Sherman, she loves to spend time with grandkids and family, relax at
                                                              the lake and ensure their yard is the best in the neighborhood.

                                                                Whim & Wonder

                                                                Jamie is the owner of Whim & Wonder Boutique. She explains that she is deaf, as well as my partner,
                                                                and that they are both fluent in American Sign Language (ASL). Their children are CODA, bilingual and
                                                                bicultural, and utilize ASL to communicate.

                                                                Jamie is a preschool teacher as well, working in elementary education for the last 16 years. When she is
                                                                not running her boutique or teaching, she enjoys the beautiful outdoors with my family. They take frequent glamping trips to their summer property. When it's cold out, she enjoy a good movie or a
                                                                book; also game nights; entertaining company and gatherings around the table.

                                                                Her specialty is buttery soft, sensory friendly, high-quality children’s clothing for girls to boys. Babes to tweens is carried in ultra soft,
                                                                whimsical designs that have the longevity to keep up with your kids! She believes in supporting American business women so all of her clothes are designed, made, and sold by women! Everything she
                                                                carries is below $35, with $24-$28 being the average!

                                                                  Riley & Danielle Golay
                                                                  Owners, The Bohemian

                                                                  Always dreaming of being a mother, I (Danielle) didn’t want to miss a thing when our daughter, Colie,
                                                                  was born. We started this adventure with the vision of me being able to take our daughter to work every day. We took our hobby and love of building and refinishing furniture to the next level and decided to share our creations with the public. With my daughter by my side, we have created an outlet for local artists sharing the same passions and dreams we do, creating something beautiful and different. One of
                                                                  our goals is to spark love, imagination and creativity in others. We want to create something special for
                                                                  you, our amazing customers.

                                                                  The Bohemian family of artists is constantly growing and changing, just as our family has done. I now have our son, Azlee, by my side most days at the shop while Colie is in preschool.

                                                                  Are you a local artist looking for a home to showcase your work? Send us an email and let's talk!

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