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Hot take: Blankets shouldn't be left in the closet

By: Maria Rodriguez

Summer is here! Let's put those blankets in the closet for the season.... Well, not quite. Though our instinct might be to bring out the blanket bin, we are here to tell you to do quite the opposite.

If you are looking for versatility in a blanket, we suggest to grab throw blankets within the same color scheme of your home. This helps have a base that will work in most every room within your home. Here are five ways you could be incorporating your blankets throughout your space while avoiding clutter.

1. Draped

When your space needs something it is usually a great idea to add a throw blanket as another textured layer. Whether it be your bed, couch or ottoman, adding a blanket completes the put-together yet effortless look we all love.

Elevating your bedding

We all know that making your bed first thing in the morning boosts your mood, helps you be more productive during the day, and is just a great way to start your morning. This doesn't have to be a daunting task, but one you can begin to look forward to with the right elements.

Your bedding matters. Creating a safe haven to escape to when the day is over or, let's face it, when you need a nap from an already long day is very important. There is nothing quite as satisfying as coming home to a freshly made bed that is just calling your name.

We all have a handful of throw blankets we don't quite know what to do with. Layering it at the end of the bed, as shown above, can help give an effortless look that still manages to finish your styling by completing the final look.

Layering textures on your couch

Decorative pillows are typically something we all think about, who doesn't want the additional support when watching a movie? But throw blankets might tend to get overlooked.

Your "base" colored throw blankets help them elevate your look without looking out of place. Using the "throw" technique on your couch, as shown above, gives an effortless look and drape. Incorporating textures and layers helps add dimension, all while offering you practical use at the same exact time.

2. Hooks

Decorating with blankets doesn't have to be basic and same across the board. Using hooks is a great way to use dead space on your walls or anywhere you might have hooks already. It looks luxurious and catches your eye while still being functional.

Adding blankets to hooks brings in another layer of softness that is not often accounted for on your wall. This is also perfect for smaller spaces that don't offer much floor space or practical storage for blankets. Not to mention just how classy and unique this makes a room feel!

3. Blanket Ladder

A blanket ladder is always a great idea to incorporate into a space especially for a nursery, living room, play room, bedroom... and just about any other room. Luckily, there are many ladders of different sizes, styles, and materials to best fit your needs.

If you thinking a typical wood ladder, though stunning, is not quite what you are looking for, there are also metal ladders you can attach to your wall! Perfect for the clean, sleek, and crisp blanket display. Just another way to bring that softness back to your wall; keeping the room flow consistent while keeping an interest to the eye.

4. Baskets

We all know and love the ability to use a basket and have everything inside look so put-together. Adding layers to a basket, as shown above, with pillows and blankets brings structure to a basket and dimension. A perfect addition to a cozy corner.

5. Chest/Ottoman

A blanket on or inside a chest and ottoman helps redefine an otherwise painfully bare piece. Though these could be great use of storage and extra seating, the blanket as a base layer for a tray, as seen above, helps provide an alternate use while still being practical and clutter-free.

Warm Weather Doesn't Mean Your Blankets Should Be in Storage

Having blankets fit within the color palette of your space helps with versatility while bringing in the texture, softness, and dimension you need. Instead of putting all of your blankets away, it could be extremely beneficial to display them in a unique and fun way. As we all say, you can never have too many blankets (or pillows)!


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